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Our Story

Hi, my name is Donna Johnson and welcome to Qi Gong & Yoga Ayrshire.   I was first introduced to Qi Gong several years ago and have been blown away by the amazing effects it has had on my health.   I now practice Qi Gong on a daily basis and am hooked on learning more about this wonderful traditional form of exercise and healing. 

I am also studying Dru Yoga which blends beautifully with Qi Gong as both are gentle, mindful practices which focus on the breath and visualisation. 

The beauty of Dru Yoga is that it is so inclusive.  No matter what age, size or shape you are, Dru Yoga is for you, as the emphasis is that  you work within your capabilities. 

I am a strong believer in continuous learning and in 2017 I completed a course in Mindfulness.  I thoroughly enjoyed this course and incorporate what I have learned into my Qi Gong class which allows participants to be present in the moment and feel more grounded and relaxed.

Come and and join me for Qi Gong in Prestwick & Irvine and  Dru Yoga classes in Irvine. 

Small group and one to one Qi Gong and Dru Yoga Sessions are now available in my garden cabin at home in Symington.

My goal is to share what I have learned with others,  so you too can experience the wonderful effects of Qi Gong & Yoga for yourself,  and that is why I will always strive to keep my prices as affordable as possible. 


Classes We Offer

Spend Some Time With Us

Qi Gong

Come and join me for this wonderful, gentle, mindful practice.

Tuesdays 1030-1130am, The 65 Club, Main Street, Prestwick. 

£5 per person, all welcome.

Wednesdays 6-7pm, Our Sanctuary @ Everyday Mindfulness, 1st Floor, Sovereign House, Academy Road, Irvine, KA12 8RL

£5 per person, all welcome  

Please note that the main door shall be locked 5 mins prior to class starting, so be early!

Pre-Booking Required for the Irvine Class!  Contact me now to secure your Spot!

Dru Yoga

Enjoy this beautiful gentle form of yoga, where we will work with the breath and energy and gentle stretching. Suitable for all.

Mondays 7pm -8pm, Our Sanctuary @ Everyday Mindfulness, 1st Floor, Sovereign House, Academy Road, Irvine, KA12 8RL

£6 per class if block booked or £8 drop in (subject to availability)

Males & Females both welcome!

(Block classes must be paid for at start of the block and are not transferable)

Please note that the main door shall be locked 5 minutes prior to class starting, so be early!

Pre Booking Required for Irvine Dru Yoga Class due to hall size!  Contact me now to secure your spot!

From Tuesday 1st October

The 65 Club, 65 Main Street, Prestwick, KA9 1JN

5:45 til 6:45pm.

£6 per person

What to bring: Mat, blanket and bottle of water.


Love Dru Yoga on a Monday with Donna.  Not long started but feel so much more relaxed after the class.  Donna makes you feel at ease with her calmness and great personaity.  Would definately recommend.  Hoping to try Qi Gong at some point too.

Mary McLellan

I didn't know anything about Qi Gong when I started a year ago.  The class has benefited me greatly both mentally and physically.  Donna's teaching style is encouraging and nurturing.  I always leave the class feeling better; more in my body with a refreshed mind.

Carol Lyle

My Mum and I love going to Dru Yoga on Mondays.  It is suitable for all ages and Donna encourages you to not exceed the limits of your body which makes the class accessible for everyone.  It sets us up for the week of work ahead and is a very calming way to shake off the Monday stress.  Donna is an amazing Yogi and has a wonderful personality as well as a very calming voice for the relaxation time at the end of the class.  I feel the rewards of practising Yoga as my body feels healthier.  If you are wondering whether to try it out I would say "go for it!".  I can't recommend it highly enough.

Victoria Black


"What we think, we become"



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