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Be in the Moment with Qi Gong & Yoga Ayrshire

Breathe In, Breathe Out

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My Story

Welcome, I am Donna Johnson, the founder of Qi Gong & Yoga Ayrshire.

I have been practising Qi Gong for a number of years and the transformation that Qi Gong has made to my life is immeasurable. Since 2010 I have been at the mercy of the neuro-immune condition Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, which resulted in debilitating pain, fatigue and at times difficulty walking or carrying out basic daily tasks. I have tried every possible treatment, method, medication possible, yet none allowed me to function normally. That was until I was introduced to Qi Gong. Within 3 months of starting I was well enough to go to a yoga class (Yin Yoga, which I love!), within a further 3 months I was well enough to attend another yoga class, this time it was Dru Yoga. Over the years my health has continued to improve, my pain has pretty much disappeared, my fatigue is under control and more manageable, and my neurological and motor functions are also considerably better. In 2018 I decided that it was time to share what I had learned and started teaching. I hope that others will now benefit from the wonderful powers of Qi Gong & Dru Yoga as much as I have.  I have now completed my training in Yin Yoga and started teaching this in February of 2023.

Qi Gong is defined as a practice similar to Tai Chi, however it is fair to say the focus of Qi Gong is to cultivate energy (or Qi) and circulate it around our bodies to aid our natural ability to heal and nurture.  I practice Qi Gong on a daily basis and am committed to continuous personal development to improve my knowledge on this wonderfully gentle, yet, powerful form of exercise.

Dru Yoga is considered a gentler form of Yoga, with its focus on finding your still point. Dru prides itself on its adaptability and inclusiveness which makes it a yoga for Everybody.  

Yin Yoga is a lovely peaceful form of yoga which will stretch the fascia and ligaments as well as the muscles.  It is a  meditative form of Yoga where we support our bodies with cushions/ yoga blocks and find a position which is comfortable for you, and then hold for a short time.   All postures in Yin Yoga are done either sitting, kneeling or lying on the mat.  There is no standing posture, so once we are on the mat, that is where we stay! 

Qi Gong & Dru Yoga share similar forms and sequences and both focus on the breath, energy and bringing mindfulness into our movements.  Yin Yoga also works with breathing and energy, however its purpose is very much in line with Qi Gong in that we get the energy moving throughout the meridians, remove blockages and de-stress!  My Yoga classes are primarily Yin, however I may sneak a bit of Dru into certain postures to encourage releasing tight muscles before we settle into our Yin practice.

I hope that you will join me for weekly Qi Gong classes in Prestwick  and Yoga Classes in Prestwick & Irvine.

Qi Gong and Yoga classes are also available for one to one or small groups in my garden cabin in Symington.


Qualifications and Experience:

Over 20 years experience of teaching in a variety of fields, including sports and line dance.

NC in Leisure & Sports Leadership

2015 - 2019 - One to One tuition of Qi Gong with Donald MacInnes

2017 - 2019 - Qi Gong Instructor Qualification with Bob Lowey & Qi Gong Teachers Association (2 years residential)

2019 -2020 -  Diploma in Chi Gung (Qi Gong) with distinction

2017 - 2019 - Teachers Diploma in Dru Yoga ( 200 hour)

2017 - Mindfulness for Stress Reduction Course

2018 - Wild Goose Qi Gong course

2021 - Certificate in Seasonal Qi Gong & Tai Chi

2021 - Neidan Course with Gordon Faulkner

2022 - Workshop with Tina Faulkner-Elder

2023 - Yin Yoga Teachers' certificate (50 hours)  Melissa Corazon


Over 300 hours training in Qi Gong by reputable instructors.

Member of British Health Qi Gong Association & Qi Gong Teachers Association UK

My Classes


Tuesday - 1030 -1130am Qi Gong @ The 65 Club, Main Street Prestwick 


(also on Zoom and recording available)

Tuesday - 6pm -7pm Yin Yoga @ The 65 Club, Main Street, Prestwick


Wednesday - 630pm -730pm Qi Gong @Prestwick Community Centre, 50 Caerlaverock Road, Prestwick


Thursday 630-730pm - Yin Yoga, @ My Garden Cabin (please contact to book)





Recorded Meditations available on Soundcloud:

Follow me on Youtube for a sample of classes, give me the thumbs up!



Qi Gong

Come and join me for this wonderful, gentle, mindful practice. Join me in person, via Zoom or request a recording.

Tuesdays 1030-1130am, The 65 Club, Main Street, Prestwick. 

£5 per person.

Wednesdays 630pm-730pm, Prestwick Community Centre, 50 Caerlaverock Road, Prestwick.

£5 per person


This Tuesday class will also be on Zoom simultaneously. Recordings available.

Please wear loose fitted clothing and bring a bottle of water.


Yin Yoga

Join me for Yin Yoga.  Let your body relax and let go and destress.  This form of Yoga will stretch the muscles as well as the ligaments and fascia.  It is a meditative form of Yoga where we move gently into each posture, find a position that feels right for you and hold for a short time.  We will use blocks, bricks, blankets to support you in to the postures.  All postures in Yin Yoga are on the mat, there is no standing postures as we are either sitting, kneeling or lying down.   Suitable for all.


6 - 7pm, The 65 Club, 65 Main Street, Prestwick, KA9 1JN

£6 per person

Booking essential due to limited spaces. BOOK AT TOP OF PAGE!


630-730pm, @ My Garden Cabin, Symington 

£6 per person

Contact me to book as limited spaces


What to bring: Mat, blanket and bottle of water. Also bring yoga bricks/blocks if you have them.  You may also wish to bring extra blanket or cushion for comfort and to support you


Love Dru Yoga on a Monday with Donna.  Not long started but feel so much more relaxed after the class.  Donna makes you feel at ease with her calmness and great personaity.  Would definately recommend.  Hoping to try Qi Gong at some point too.

Mary McLellan

I didn't know anything about Qi Gong when I started a year ago.  The class has benefited me greatly both mentally and physically.  Donna's teaching style is encouraging and nurturing.  I always leave the class feeling better; more in my body with a refreshed mind.

Carol Lyle

My Mum and I love going to Dru Yoga on Mondays.  It is suitable for all ages and Donna encourages you to not exceed the limits of your body which makes the class accessible for everyone.  It sets us up for the week of work ahead and is a very calming way to shake off the Monday stress.  Donna is an amazing Yogi and has a wonderful personality as well as a very calming voice for the relaxation time at the end of the class.  I feel the rewards of practising Yoga as my body feels healthier.  If you are wondering whether to try it out I would say "go for it!".  I can't recommend it highly enough.

Victoria Black

I wanted to express my delight and thanks to Donna at Qi Gong & Yoga Ayrshire. I am 56 and have been troubled with a severe shoulder injury that had forced me to stop playing golf and other activities for six months. Around four months ago I joined and can honestly say I have had the most amazing results from my Yoga sessions with Donna both in group and more recently on Zoom. I have also been doing Qi Gong, and have to report that in these last four months my health has drastically improved, I have so much more movement in my joints and shoulder and also my breathing and stress levels have improved to levels I couldn’t have thought possible. I am more relaxed and feel fantastic after each session, also I’m finding I am attending every possible class such is the effect these sessions have had. Donna has been fantastic and thoroughly professional, supportive and is so very knowledgeable, the classes are easy to follow and with plenty of instruction. I’ve had immediate response for every query I have made. I am happy to say that thanks to Donna I’m now back on the golf course and playing better than ever, I thought at one point when having physio at Ayrshire Central I wouldn’t be able to play again. I highly recommend all of Donna’s classes to anyone thinking of joining. it’s been amazing to feel how I do, thank you so much Donna

David Harding

My first class this morning at 65 Club Prestwick, absolutely amazing. So relaxing yet feel energised. Looking forward to the next one.

Joan Chalmers

I joined Donna’s Qigong and Dru Yoga classes in Jan 2020 as a beginner and they have completely changed my life.  Before I joined I had just finished some hospital treatments and physiotherapy. Donna’s classes are therapeutic and have helped me to heal.  After my very first Qigong session I had the colour back in my face and felt a great sense of calm and wellbeing. It’s like a workout and massage all in one.  Thanks to Donna’s classes I am physically stronger, more flexible and my energy levels and balance/co-ordination have improved dramatically.  I am also calmer.  Donna has given me the confidence to move my body again.

Donna is an amazing and inspiring teacher and her classes are a safe, nurturing environment.  They are welcoming and are suitable for all ages and abilities.  Donna’s recent zoom classes have been a breath of fresh air.  They’re perfect as I can still attend my weekly classes in the comfort of my own home.  I always feel invigorated, empowered, nurtured and calm after every class.  They are therapeutic and rejuvenating.

I love Donna’s holistic approach and she teaches with great enthusiasm, encouragement and empathy. She has an amazing sense of humour and is a joy to be around. She genuinely cares, is very sweet and a lovely friend. 

I definitely recommend Joining Donna’s Qigong and Dru Yoga classes and booking her online zoom sessions.  Her classes are very special and I feel lucky being part of them.  Thank you Donna.

Michelle McLeod

My mum goes to your yoga classes and at the start of lockdown she told me you popped a couple of classes on Youtube. I have serious back problems which means I can't walk for more than 10 min without stopping. Lockdown and working from home has made it worse. So, my friend Lizzie and I both do a couple of your classes a week - to motivate each other and keep in touch (we call each other afterwards). Although I have to be careful what I can do, I enjoy them and hope that in time my strength will return and pain reduced. We both think you are a great teacher and like how you give different options for the exercises, depending on what we can do.

Caroline Braysher


Stillness and action are relative, not absolute, principles. It is important to find a balance of yin & yang, not just in Qi Gong but in everyday life.  In movement, seek stillness & rest. In rest, be mindful & attentive.

Ken Cohen

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